Resin ring – AP005 (18)

SIZE: 18mm – WIDTH: 7mm
Single piece

This resin ring was made by hand on the lathe with epoxy resin in different colors, partially transparent.
It is rounded at the edges, which is why it is comfortable when worn.
The shine of the ring is obtained by means of abrasives and creams, professionally polished with specific products. The size refers to the inner diameter of the ring: this is a single piece and cannot be changed. 

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This ring is ready to be shipped, delivered by express courier, in 48-72 hours in the main EU locations.


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  • Handmade
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  • Customizable

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    Each ring is shipped in a cardboard box, with a guarantee seal.
    To better protect your ring, you can add a protective box or a gift box by choosing from the proposals below.
    Contact me if you want a customized wooden box.

    Octagonal box

    Octagonal shaped box made with a professional 3D printer.
    More information here: Octagonal box

    Gift box

    Gift shaped box made with a professional 3D printer.
    More information here: Gift box

    Wooden box with laser engraving

    Are you looking for a really surprising and customizable wooden box with laser engraving?
    Attention: This product must be configured and added to the cart separately.
    You can discover and customize it here: Wooden box

Handmade colored resin ring

This resin ring is made on a lathe with colored epoxy resin.
Elegant and refined, this band has a rounded shape and bevel on the edges, which allows it to be worn comfortably on the finger. Men, generally less accustomed to wearing jewelry, will also find it comfortable.
Professionally polished with top quality abrasives and polishing creams.

Uniqueness of the ring

Epoxy resin, when colored and cast, is influenced by countless factors, some environmental such as the working or curing temperature, others technical such as the amount of pigment or the world in which the colors are mixed.
For this reason each ring is virtually unrepeatable, a bit like the characteristic heterogeneity of the wood.
It is possible to reproduce the ring with its main characteristics, but it will never be exactly the same.


The size indicated refers to the inner diameter of the ring: please note that these measurements do not correspond to those of the jeweler.
Need help choosing your size? You can read this short guide on how to choose the right size or evaluate the purchase of the size kit to measure it directly at home! 

Is my ring strongand resistant?

Wood, for obvious reasons, does not have the strength of metal. Some essences are more resistant than others.
The epoxy resin, on the other hand, is very hard and resistant, and perfectly water repellent.
Just avoid contact with acetone or solvents in general as they could make it opaque.

Are you looking for a gift box?

Each ring is shipped in a cardboard box, closed with a guarantee seal.
For a truly surprising effect I have created, as a complement to the rings, a completely wooden box, which you can customize with a laser engraving of your choice.
Details and information at this address: wooden ring gift box.
Are you looking for a protective and resistant box instead? Discover the octagonal box!


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