Each user registered on this site is automatically assigned a virtual wallet and can be managed in total autonomy.

The virtual wallet is the easiest and safest way to pay for your purchases

It is automatically activated when you register with this site and works like any online account, with outgoing and incoming movements.

In your user menu, there is a link to your wallet and you will be able to view your balance, transactions made, and the option to top up.

Your credit, both the one you buy and the one you receive with the various promotions, has no constraints or expiry dates and you always have the incoming and outgoing transactions available.

How do I pay with my wallet?

modalità di pagamento portafoglio virtuale

Very simple, just select virtual wallet as a mode when paying, it is the first option you will find as a payment mode.

If your credit is not enough to pay the full amount of your purchase, you can pay the difference/balance with another payment method, or you can reload your wallet.

simple, convenient, flexible


Cashback is a promotion that provides money back as a percentage of credit on the total spent after a purchase on this site and is issued as a gift in your virtual wallet.
You can use it at any time, without restrictions!

The amount that will be credited is indicated before payment and is automatically added to your wallet after your order has been confirmed.



Periodically, promotions are applied that allow you to get free credits, which you can spend as you like within this online shop.
An example? For every purchase you get 7% back as cashback credit, a free gift for you!




Please, make sure to read our Terms And Conditions befor any buying.