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I am Michele Mutri, a woodworker.

I live and work in Bologna, Italy, and it is here that I created Artamin, a creative craft workshop dedicated to woodworking.

I produce handicrafts using only this beautiful material, in full respect of the values of eco-craftsmanship: for the objects that I create, in fact, I use only ecological and certified non-toxic materials, meeting the stringent safety standards on toys (DIN EN 71.3), ideal for wooden toys because they are safe for children’s health and environmentally friendly.

A workshop of creative craftsmanship

Artamin is a laboratory for woodworking, in which I make my products using only wood, without the use of any type of hardware, in full respect of the values of ecology and true craftsmanship.

Each object is designed and manufactured taking into account the technical and processing aspects of wood, joints and gluing, structural limitations, manufacturing processes, finish and overall aesthetics.

I have always promoted and supported the art of “do-it-yourself” and free access to useful information for building wooden objects: in the blog section you will find practical advice on working techniques, the realization of the projects built here, the correct use of machinery and the appropriate choice of materials.

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Why I chose woodworking

I consider wood to be one of the most fascinating materials available to man in nature, because it is environmentally friendly, sustainable, versatile for different applications, as well as beautiful.

There are hundreds of species of wood from all parts of the world, with very different physical and aesthetic characteristics, differing in species, color, texture, density and porosity.
Among these, the fundamental property of wood is its hygroscopicity, which is the perennial ability to yield or absorb moisture even when a stem has been cut.
This characteristic influences the wood in terms of dimensions, making it shrink as the humidity contained in it is transferred to the outside; on the contrary, it undergoes expansion if it receives humidity from the outside: this is why many consider it a “living” material.

The search for and use of the appropriate species thus becomes fundamental, and I propose my objects taking into account the best choice based on the use for which it was designed.

Another fundamental aspect is the finish, as a protective element for the wood and, sometimes, also with an aesthetic value.
Although the industry in this sector can meet almost any possible requirement, I believe in the fundamental value of using eco-friendly materials and natural coatings for wood: this is why I personally produce all of the finishes used in my products, which are made from 100% natural products and are free of any additives.

Il laboratorio Artamin

Study and preparation of a wood craftsman

Wooden craftsmanship requires dexterity and an in-depth knowledge of the material to be worked on: every object I create, in fact, is first studied and then made taking into account the technical aspects and the processing inherent in the type of wood I have to use.

For this reason, I pay particular attention to elements such as joints and gluing, the structural limits of the type of wood to be used, the manufacturing processes, the finish and the overall aesthetic that the object will present once finished, whether it is a toy, a piece of jewelry or a piece of furniture.

Il laboratorio Artamin

Learn how to make DIY wooden objects

I like to think that every person can learn to make DIY objects and become a wood craftsman: for this reason, through my site – especially the blog – I promote and support wood crafts with articles and practical guides for those who want to work with wood independently, advising not only the techniques for processing and making the objects that I create, but also the tools to use, explaining how to choose the best materials for your project.

Through Artamin.eu I would like to enhance the importance of manual work and wood craftsmanship in particular, highlighting not only the historical and cultural value of this activity but also the ecological and professional aspect, hoping that one day someone, among the visitors of the site, will turn this passion into a real job, just like it happened to me.

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