Handcrafted wooden bracelets

Elegance is the way we know how to wear things

Artamin handcrafts wooden bracelets, carefully selecting the best materials to ensure a product that is beautiful and quality.
All bracelets are made to order, with care and attention and without any mass production, so that they can also be customized, if required.
In addition, each wooden bracelet is made completely by hand, from the first stage of roughing, through sanding, to the final stage of finishing: handcrafted wooden bracelets, made by hand and with heart.



The wooden bracelets offered in this section are customizable and are produced on commission.
You can start from the choice of the single wood and then you can enter all the specifications in the configurator of the product page.

Customizations with woods not in the catalog or specific shapes and sizes must be agreed in advance.
Contact me: I will be happy to give you all the information.


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Eco-sustainability and environment: natural and non-toxic finish

The finish of a wooden bracelet is a fundamental component as it will guarantee its protection: Artamin personally produces 100% natural varnishes that are applied to the bracelets.
Eco-sustainability is not just an abstract concept: only with facts we help our planet and the environment in which we ourselves live.
Artamin has always supported a sustainable craftsmanship, following with care all the production phases of every single artifact.

Not only the protective impregnating agent for wood, but also the finishing coatings, which are made in-house in the laboratory and are based on natural, non-toxic gums and resins, with no additives whatsoever, such as shellac, sandracca, dammar, or encaustics made from pure, all-natural waxes.

You can learn more by reading this page of mine: natural wood coatings.

Personalized wooden bracelet

The importance of choosing a handcrafted wooden bracelet is represented in the production care as well as the possibility of being able to customize a product.
The customizations of a bracelet are many, not only in the type of wood: tell me how you’d like it and I’ll make your custom wood bracelet.

You can choose the type of essence, the overall width, combine different essences, but also laser engraving or transfer printing with your name, symbol or logo: you will be sure to have a truly unique bracelet!
Since the customizations would be endless, contact me: we will evaluate the possibility together.

Customize it with initials, name or logo

Would you like to have your initials, your name or your partner’s name engraved?Among the various customizations there is also the possibility of applying a wood print transfer to your bracelet, or do a laser engraving.
Your initials, your name, or a word, but also a symbol: every fantasy will be realized, so that your bracelet is unique, just like each of us.
A beautiful idea, for example, for engagement bracelets or as a personalized gift for someone special.

Want more information? You can learn more by reading this page: it talks about wooden rings but the same information and tips apply.

Bracelets – for a gift or as jewelry bases

All wooden bracelets are made to order, which means you can also decide to customize them however you like.
A beautiful idea for a gift to someone special.
Today, more and more people choose wood as a material because it is authentic and “alive”, that is, it maintains some of its most important characteristics forever.

Do you have a specific design or a particular shape? I realize bracelets in wood, on specific request, even as bases for jewelers, to be customized later with precious metal or decorations.

The resistance of a wooden bracelet

Wood is a beautiful material with unique characteristics, but it’s not as sturdy as metal, for obvious reasons.
However, the greater thickness compared to, say, the wooden ring, makes it suitably robust.
However, several solutions can be adopted in order to make the bracelet stronger: it is possible, for example, to strengthen the wood with a consolidating treatment carried out in a vacuum chamber, impregnating the wood with a non-toxic and very resistant acrylic resin.

Want more information? Although the help page refers to wooden rings, the information and advice provided applies to bracelets as well.You can read this in-depth page to find out more: the strength of a wooden ring.


If you already have an idea or would like more information contact me and we will check the possibility together.

CONTACT ME: I will reply as soon as possible

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