Handmade wooden earrings

choose your style with the most ancient and noble material !

Artamin handcrafts wooden earrings, carefully selecting excellent woods and materials to ensure a beautiful, quality product.
The choice of wood represents an essential aspect in the realization of earrings, because it is a heterogeneous material: knowing how to read its veins and understanding the composition of the fiber will determine the good final result.
You can learn more by reading this interesting page on the main characteristics of wood or the article I wrote on my blog.
Each earring is entirely made by hand, from the first roughing stage, through sanding, to the final finishing stage: handcrafted wooden earrings, with heart in mind.



The wooden earrings proposed in this section are handmade and ready to be shipped to your home in 2-3 days in the main European locations.
They are all protected with 100% natural, non-toxic paints, personally created in the laboratory using the purest, highest-quality materials.

You can also customize them or make them from your own model or specific design: contact me and we will evaluate the possibilities together.


Eco-sustainability and environment: natural and non-toxic finish

The finish of any wooden earring is a fundamental component because it will guarantee its protection: Artamin personally produces the natural varnishes that are applied to the earrings.
Eco-sustainability is not just an abstract concept: only with facts we help our planet and the environment in which we ourselves live.
Not only the protective impregnating agent for wood, but also the finishing coatings, which are made in-house in the laboratory and are based on natural, non-toxic gums and resins, with no additives whatsoever – for example, shellac, sandracca, dammar – or the encaustic coatings made from pure, all-natural waxes.

You can read more here: natural coatings.

Handcrafted wooden earrings

Choosing on this site a wooden earring means also to be able to make it really unique: if you don’t find what you like or you have in mind a specific design, contact me and we will evaluate together the possibility.
This is just one of the differences between a handcrafted and industrial mass production, which will never be able to offer, on a large scale, customized wooden earrings.
In addition, only personally selected, top quality, and also very fine woods are used.

Trust those who really love wood!

Earrings with initials or name engraved

Would you like to have earrings made with an engraved symbol, name or initials?
This is just one of the many possibilities for customization: keep in mind that the earring is a very small object and the engraving space is limited.
You will also be able to define the type of attachment, shape, and wood to be used: more than 30 woods are available from all parts of the world.

Give or treat yourself to something unique!

Match your earrings

We also make wooden rings, resin rings, bracelets and pendants in wood, fully customizable: I love customization and I do everything to fulfill your wish.
Create your own style starting from one of the oldest materials that man has begun to work: a “living”, authentic and sustainable material.

If you love customization you are in the right place!